Lady One explore the pungent legs?

My personal past girlfriends said from time to time on the feet smell. She proceeded “my personal ft are very stinky nowadays, they are not constantly by doing this, ok?” it actually was comedy. Another ex boyfriend are commenting regarding a brandname off footwear that renders synthetic shoes. She told you “The individuals sandals tends to make your own feet smelling terrible. Should your is out in one among them and take him or her of, your gonna be embarrassed from the smelling certainly”. It history one to more often than not got smelly foot. I am not on smelly however, I will endure it in order to get legs action.

I’ve heard that it much, just like the getting to your ft produces me personally way more perceptive so you’re able to whenever ladies explore theirs. I’ll share many of them:

Among my friends was at this lady space within the an enthusiastic airbnb we were residing in, and i also read their say “I need new socks, just like the my base STINK!” (she try sporting dated adidas all day) then she giggled. I noticed so lucky I heard that one, I happened to be just regarding best source for information within right time.

I really don’t consider an effective women’s base you will definitely ever before Smelling Badly: for me personally All Smell like Any Woman Foot Simply Perfume

Several other time, I was during the classification and a dude is actually lying with the surface. A female more than your sitting at the this lady table are using ugg slippers, and you may she told you “Don’t get as well close to my personal base, it probably smelling”, hence caused some other woman close to her to state “My personal feet smelling Horrifying. ” (so it second lady are constantly known for having smelly feet most of the the time. I eventually got to smell him or her myself shortly after, and something time she got me personally smelling their birkenstocks quickly regarding her legs)

I recently experienced it tonight. I have a friend who is notorious for having pungent foot and you can she set the girl foot Middle Eastern Sites dating service up close a number of all of us toward an effective footrest (wearing foot socks) and you will said “Oh, my feet smell really bad.” Following she lifted the lady foot-up so you’re able to her nostrils and you may sniffed it (she generated a facial on the smelling)! I told you “inspire, exactly what a shock. ” to apply for their to generally share it a lot more (joking on how her legs constantly stink) but it don’t really works unfortuitously

ButOfCourse6 typed: Features others had a phenomenon in which they will have over heard a great lady talk about the foot/speaking of how much cash its feet stink? And if this occurs I tune what you off to pay attention

Once on camp We heard which brunette lady say “I happened to be gonna don flip-flops however, my personal foot stink.” In addition after heard a female say at school “I ought to features used socks with the chucks, my personal feet was planning to reek.”

When the others knows what i mean feel free to add some convos for instance the of them a lot more than you heard in advance of

One to ex boyfriend out of mine, immediately after a long day walking from the hills, got their sneakers off and smelling try strong

There is certainly dos females when I became in the last seasons regarding upper-school which always chatted about just how their feet stank non-stop.

One session at school, included in this grabbed the boots from and you can rest the lady feet from the desk. I inquired as to why she got the woman footwear out of along with her reply are unanticipated. “To smell them” she said. Unfortunately I never ever surely got to while the training involved an avoid.

As well as within the school, my personal dated friends Gf got this lady flat out of and i only read the lady say “phew” and she dispersed perfume within therefore i think hers did

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