An exhausting however, decisive rating of every unmarried controversy in order to ever before struck Lena Dunham

An exhausting however, decisive rating of every unmarried controversy in order to ever before struck Lena Dunham

Would it be also a blog post about Lena Dunham when it cannot through the oft-misquoted line out-of Female throughout the as the voice from a generation? Think about basically create anything about this lady being the lights pole of the girl age group…or perhaps a production?

That which you Dunham do away from adopting a puppy in order to dressed in unflattering pants so you’re able to voting to possess Hillary Clinton so you’re able to rehoming said canine to help you increasing upon this new unattractive shorts possess erupted in the scandal on the section in which the author/director/unsightly jeans aficionado is much more known for getting disliked than the woman human anatomy away from work. Or the woman human anatomy, and that’s stating anything.

Right here, a report on all of the misstep, thought of or otherwise, by the Lena Dunham and exactly how worth dislike it had been, considering a highly medical scoring program regarding 0 so you’re able to 5 Lambys.

Rapists Is actually Crappy, Unless They have been My buddies

Here is the newest firestorm so you’re able to strike Lena, and it’s by far brand new poor. This woman is founded the woman entire brand up to “feminism” (select my mocking quotations?! In my opinion it’s bullshit!) but on condition that it’s much easier on her. She publicly spoken support towards slew of females naming their abusers and you may assailants in the aftermath away from Weinstein and you may such as for instance, 50 % of their Instagram postings go for about “believing women” and you may “help all of our sounds be read!” and almost any. However, you to failed to end Lena from basically calling a black actress a good liar shortly after she accused a female composer of sexual violence. Here’s the lady now-deleted report regarding it: “Whenever you are our earliest gut would be to listen to most of the woman’s story, all of our insider knowledge of Murray’s disease makes us certain that sadly that it accusation is one of the step three per cent out of violence instances which can be misreported from year to year.” It earns four of four Lambys because the bang your, Lena.

If Wishes Was Abortions

Despite featuring more than one NBD abortion land into the Female and you may the lady close-ongoing social network shows out of assistance to have Prepared Parenthood, Lena’s regarding-colour laugh on her podcast throughout the “wishing she possess got an enthusiastic abortion” therefore get it done this lady directly to prefer is Crappy Feminism™ and another of your couple times she pissed of Remaining over conservatives. Although it try kind of a silly thing to express, her cardio was at the right spot – a lot like whenever my pet thinks she actually is “helping myself brush” from the kicking the woman litter within bathroom.

The Lamby Chronicles

Here we have been, visited the reason behind so it entire tale. Lambygate. The brand new Misadventures away from Lamby. Lambghazi. Silence of your Lambys. Specific low-questionable record: Lamby is actually/are your dog Lena followed of a zero-kill safety for the Brooklyn. He or she is/is partial-sexy (I don’t such as for instance wiry-haired creatures, sorry) and you may she wrote a long and also florid account away from the first few days along with her towards New Yorker. Inside it, she refers to Lamby’s behavioural problems, alleges he was mistreated because of the early in the day residents, and outs the woman boyfriend to possess managing a green Day clothing.

Prompt forward to twenty-first century and you may Lamby are visibly missing out of this lady social media levels. Within her Vogue 73 Questions interview you to weirdly soothes me for the a beneficial Dr. Seuss dystopian way, she cites purchasing poodles. Lamby was MIA.

Next, Lena declares into the an enthusiastic Instagram article one to Lamby went so you can survive a farm but she setting they literally and never for the a for the-shitty-parents-ran-over-your-puppy ways.

Chill. Chill. Until! New safety regarding whence Lamby in the first place arrived hits back, states Lamby had not ever been abused, and you can hues People if you are irrelevant in a fabulously bitchy Insta blog post. Lena responds, and i become bad for the girl.

They went back and you may forward for a time however, I am also exhausted so you can recount it-all because it is most of the therefore incredibly uninteresting and never in fact scandalous and that i grabbed a beneficial Benadryl.

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