Appropriately environmentally friendly signs on SAC monitoring area was recommended to be below: step one

Appropriately environmentally friendly signs on SAC monitoring area was recommended to be below: step one

Climatological parameters on heavens temperatures, moisture, piece of cake, precipitation and you may evaporation during the Khachmaz district, and you can 2. Inflows so you can Deveci river and its h2o levels step 3. In of one’s overseeing components all in all, fifteen sampling issues try suggested to have hydrological observance, extra 5 testing affairs is actually advised to enable the brand new track of the latest groundwater techniques. In the MMMC town the fresh hydrological gauging items was chose to help you allow for the water balance of your lakes. The fresh debt collectors (K3 and you may K2) feeding new Ag gol and you may Sarisu lakes will be noticed from the Q1 and Q6. The fresh new outflows regarding lakes should be seen by Q4 and you can Q5. More inflows off irrigation too-much h2o via P-step 1 and you will P-12-step one will likely be CES Consulting Engineers Sakzgifter GmbH step three-twenty-four P:UAZER5AiJRURENWRRIGAT1 ULENAUAN20001EIAREPORTFINALDOC Ecological Assessment and you may Overseeing about Venture Part of the fresh Samur Apsheron Tunnel and also the Fundamental Mill Mugan Enthusiast Overseeing monitored within Q7 and Q8 correspondingly.

Brand new MMMC water outfalls is recommended become tracked at the Q9. Circulate suggestions out-of a few regular Kura gauges and you can from one regular Araz evaluate should be considered as well as. Groundwater gauges was advised to assess this new abilities of this new MMMC enthusiast. About three gauges are put across the arrive at of the latest enthusiast (GW3, GW4 and you can GW5) and something is located near the Karabakh Canal (GWl), a fifth that (GW2) can be found between your Kl and you may K2 collectors. About SAC urban area several hydrological gauges was proposed observe the new hydrological . Thus that station might be mounted on the fresh Shabranchay river so you can assess the inflows to the river, a second station is strung within river to look at brand new fluctuation of your the water level.

On the top portion seepage losings as well as over-way to obtain irrigation liquids could be quicker, that have a impression for the town: a lowered water-table, reduced flat h2o ponds and you can a lower life expectancy threat of salinity

The newest hydrological findings was desired to be started immediately following brand new utilization of the new evaluating programs, they must go on for around five years after the construction has been accomplished. The evaluating programs are set up when you look at the very first overseeing campaign. This new overseeing agenda is actually detailed when you look at the Desk step 3. It’s proposed so you’re able to undertake you to definitely hydrologist getting forty five weeks having the fresh new co-ordination additionally the comparison of the observations. The fresh hydrologist was recharged in order to run this site choices of the fresh new hydrometric and you can groundwater gauges throughout the cuatro days on initiation of your own keeping track of program. While doing so he’ll would dos job vacation (4 days altogether) on a yearly basis in order to each of the fresh overseeing elements to control this new industry observations. For the majority lake gpaign) a cable car might be wanted to create suspension system proportions across the newest streams/canals (cuatro as a whole, except the new testing activities from the river urban area) and you may good topographic section (fifteen in total) is lay-upwards.

Environment Investigations dos

12 months MMMC Ag gol, Q1, Q3 K2 Enthusiast, Q2 Water-level Day-after-day 365 K3 Enthusiast Q4 Sarisu Q5, Q6 _ K2 Enthusiast, Q2 Once a month just in case Ag gol, Q3 . water top reached to help you 15 CES Asking Engineers Salzgitter GmbH 3-twenty five P:bAZERgALIURURENVURRIGATI12LENAUAN21000EIAREPORTFINALDOC Environmental Testing and you can Keeping track of from the Enterprise Part of the Samur Apsheron Tunnel and the Main Mill Mugan Enthusiast Monitoring K3 Enthusiast Q4 Circulate (water level) restrict Sarisu Q5 P-step 1, Q7 P-step one2-1, Q8 MMMC sea outfall Q9 Kura, a few gauges Araz, you to evaluate Near to K2 collector, GWI Next to K2/KI collector GW2, Alongside Groundwater table Shortly after all of the 10 days 36 brand new enthusiast GW3, GW4 and GW5 SAC, Q5 Deveci Lake, Q4, Q5 water-level Twice daily 365 Near Deveci Lake Groundwater desk Once 10 weeks 0 CES Consulting Designers Salzgitter GmbH step 3-twenty six P:UAZERBALFlRURENVWRRIGAT1ULENAUAN20001EIAREPORTFINALDOC Environmental Research and you may Overseeing on Endeavor The main Samur Apsheron Tunnel as well as the Main Factory Mugan Enthusiast MOt4TORING -v . ,; , :; .

The end result to own Sarisu River are a decrease in inflowing liquids. Because the lake is quite shallow, which will be probably perched over the groundwater top (because of the proximity of Kura Lake), there can be a risk that the inflow on Ag-Gol river try insufficient to keep water harmony. There are not any ideas away from inflows and outflows to help you Sarisu Lake, and this chance cannot be eliminated. An extra effect is the altering of around twenty five m3/s drainage h2o about left-bank outfall for the Caspian Water to your a great deal more south right-bank outfall. It is not said to be a significant factor, however, monitoring of this new outfall part was integrated (send less than). SAMUR APSHERON Tunnel The latest Samur Apsheron Canal (SAC) contains the dual reason for sign regarding h2o regarding Samur Lake in order to donate to the needs of Baku Urban area as well as the Apsheron Peninsular also meeting the new irrigation requirements regarding 95,000 ha.

CES Asking Designers Salzgitter GmbH Summation – cuatro P:AAZERBALIRURENWRRJGAT112LENAUAN200CEIAAREPORTFINALDOC Ecological Assessment and you may Keeping track of from the Enterprise The main Samur Apsheron Canal and the Fundamental Factory Mugan Collector Administrator Bottom line Operation of your own program get no significant effect on the brand new Qusar State Protected City, the fresh Yalama Liana Pine Tree and/or Deveci Lagune. The latest Deveci Lake is currently absolutely impacted by irrigation, as stream needless to say giving the newest river is actually diverted getting regional small irrigation unconnected for the SAC program. With improved administration, together with decrease in loss regarding SAC, the project could have an opportunity to improve the hydraulic program of lake because of the reduction of the fresh new area’s need for the local stream having irrigation.

The brand new investment can cost you do down so you can up to $US86,one hundred thousand in the event the no GIS group could well be followed on REMU. If that’s the case this new annual can cost you do shed a bit in order to in the $US25,100000. The above mentioned costs are tentatively because the chatted about towards customer. He could be considering 1999 pricing levels and you can carry out none imagine actual and you may speed contingencies, nor carry out it envision prices for intemational luggage and you will taxation/community. The purchase price offers are thought unimportant versus overall finances. In view from the the new Associate recommends good GIS equipped REMU. This method is always to facilitate a modern-day data-handling and an effective enviromnental keeping track of. CES Asking Designers Salzgitter GmbH SUMEIAREPORTFINALDOC Environment Comparison and Monitoring within the the project The main Samur Apsheron Canal therefore the Head Mill Mugan Collector Dining table Off Content Manager Realization Table Off Articles 1 Addition step one-step one dos.

In the last area full overseeing budget need into RIIDIA II Environment Monitoring Program (REMS) was delivered. It suggests the latest set-up costs and the working costs with the an annual foundation. The Annexes is organized with respect to the main areas of brand new report: Annex A matching to help you part 2. Ecological Investigations Annex B equal to point 3. Overseeing Program The minutes of one’s around three public session meetings are demonstrated in the Annex C CES Contacting Designers Salzgitter GmbH 1-2 P:IAZERBALJ\RURENW RRIGAT112LENAUAN2OOOEIAREPORTFINALDOC Environmental Assessment and Overseeing in the Endeavor Area of the brand new Samur Apsheron Canal additionally the Fundamental Factory Mugan Collector Comparison dos. A general investigations of one’s present environmental problem is performed when you look at the another sentences, these types of and gauge the questioned aftereffects of your panels on environment.

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