Here are some of our top dating offers

Here are some of our top dating offers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving mainstream or adult traffic. This vertical shines thanks to its high profitability. Dating niche products are a trendy part of affiliate marketing for a reason: they convert!

The Hottest Hookup Sites

CrakRevenue hosts the largest selection of offers in the Dating vertical with over 700 different affiliate programs to browse through. Find which works best for you, and start getting your slice of the Dating revenue pie.

Great Revenue Opportunities

Remember, the Dating industry has an estimated $8 billion market value. You deserve a share. Start pushing our dating programs and you’ll understand why our affiliates absolutely love it!

Personalized Market Products

Our tailor-made products and offers will help sales start to flow for your traffic. Put our deals on your websites and campaigns and sit back as users sign up for the dating services you promote.

Get an edge over the competition with our vast selection of highly profitable affiliate offers for your online dating needs. This new world of dating websites and services is changing rapidly. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve with CrakRevenue.

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The Best Dating Affiliate Programs

CrakRevenue is your dating affiliate network of choice with over 700 highly optimized offers and high-paying affiliate programs. Our Dating and Hookup related offers are a guaranteed way to generate steady, consistent streams of revenue. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT

Dating Smartlinks

Let us do the heavy lifting. Make your affiliate life easier with our powerful Dating Smartlinks. They deploy intelligence at several levels and are optimized daily, so your traffic is sent to our top converting offers and brings you more revenue.


This high-quality offer appeals mostly to gay, bisexual, and transgender adults. It performs well in geos like UK, USA, Mexico, Australia and India. It is part of the high-yield, male aged 30 to 50 T1 group of users, and one of our best-performing offers with a $ PPS! Fuckbook has generated more than $450k in affiliate commissions so far.


With multiple payout types to choose from, you’ll love how easy it is to convert social traffic using SnapSext. Among the best offers in our portfolio, it’s also an excellent choice for your mobile traffic.


FapChat is an exclusive offer that stands out from the rest. Users trade naked selfies and hook-up using the highly optimized website. You can’t go wrong with this one, especially if you have social media traffic.

Your traffic will soon become addicted to . As it’s geo-targeted, you’ll maximize your conversions. Users can participate in online chat rooms and develop romantic relationships in record time.


Choosing the 2Fuck dating affiliate program is the way to go if you want real results in the adult hookups niche. Its $104 PPS payout and customized landing pages make 2Fuck the best offer to get results now.


A CrakRevenue exclusivity! Gays2Fuck is the top converting offer in the Gay Dating vertical. With some of the highest payouts in xmeets the industry and modern-day billing, promoting Gays2Fuck is one surefire way to increase both your conversion rate and EPC.

CrakRevenue’s long-term relationship with the dating market continues to grow – and it’s only getting better! With millions of people craving for human encounters, online dating has exploded in recent years, making it possible for everyday men and women to chat, meet, date, and hookup no matter where they are. We have a vast selection of dating affiliate programs showing phenomenal income opportunities and irresistible payouts.

Dating has proven to provide consistent revenue streams year in and year out. These revenues also continue to rise, almost to the point where they seem immune to the typical seasonal fluctuations. Without a doubt, dating is a mobile-dominating market all year round.

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