Keith was hotheaded and temperamental, similar to his (former) lion, which makes it burdensome for of a lot to work alongside him

Keith was hotheaded and temperamental, similar to his (former) lion, which makes it burdensome for of a lot to work alongside him


Keith ‘s the most recent Paladin of your own Black colored Lion from Voltron, while the previous Paladin of your Red-colored Lion as well. A man off nutshell and you may dead humor, Keith was a beneficial loner and you may rebel by nature that have “abuse circumstances” one resulted in their expulsion throughout the Universe Garrison. He’s got moved off just like the an excellent Paladin to your workplace on Knife away from Marmora, simply to after regain their rating as commander from Voltron.


Regarded as a keen orphan, Keith features dilemmas setting up and hooking up with others apart from Shiro, who has got acted just like the a coach and you will guide having him; Keith quickly seemed to forget their other classmates immediately after expelled of the latest Universe Garrison. The guy spent much of their big date after his expulsion life style alone for the an effective shack call at the new desert and you may selecting brand new source of strange times the guy experienced, leading your to explore the regional range of mountains. It actually was during these slopes which he learned of one’s life of your Bluish Lion once Shiro productivity regarding their captivity when you look at the the newest Galra Kingdom and you will fellow Garrison cadets aid in the Lion’s breakthrough.

When you’re Keith is actually imbued which have a sense of fairness and you may courage, this may manifest alone within the a persistent character, and then make him someone who does not want to back down regarding a fight despite people warnings out of their teammates that he is flee. This can place him into the affairs apart from his safe place but bring about your to attain unbelievable feats. So it trait is the greatest experienced throughout his fight with Zarkon, who had been using the Black colored Bayard to push Keith and also the Lion beyond the limits. Usually most perceptive, Keith’s fiery character both grounds your so you’re able to forget essential information on their objectives, such as for example becoming so worried about ruining opposition he forgot this new Balmera are a living creature and therefore he had to be mindful not to produce any injury to it within the race.

Even with his habit of dive toward battle, Keith could be extremely calm and you can cautious some times. This is noticed in their wariness of the regional Arusians, taking a bit so you can heat up towards friendly aliens prior to thinking her or him totally. Keith is quick-witted, and come up with of numerous deadpan remarks and findings within other’s expenses, such as for instance Lance’s, whom thinks Keith try their opponent. Despite lingering provocations regarding Lance, Keith suggests just disinterest into the a rivalry and you may tends to make effort on bonding and dealing together with whole team. Keith try seriously because goofy and you can 100 % free-spirited due to the fact remainder of his teammates; all it takes is a little longer towards the a little stoic Paladin to show it. He’s got chuckled freely from the Hunk’s jokes and you will appreciated the food struggle during knowledge, organizing dishes regarding goo to Allura and you can Coran’s confronts if you find yourself l to compromise amicable humor regarding his personal. Keith is actually somewhat attracted to the outside, choosing the hushed of tree and you may wild places getting enjoyable.

Keith is actually possession of a knife bearing brand new symbol out-of the fresh Knife from Marmora with no tip regarding the its roots. Once noting parallels ranging from it and one you to Ulaz wielded, Keith started initially to think he was part Galra or being utilized by Zarkon to track the group, causing your to become a whole lot more reclusive away from his teammates and a lot more sympathetic into the Galra rebel fighters. Whenever their Galra society is actually shown, he considered dejected on account of Allura’s hatred of Galra extending also in order to your, and even though frustrated and hurt, failed to blame this lady for this. The good news is to own Keith, Allura found terms and conditions together with her very own suffering and thoughts towards the latest Galra, and also make amends that have him from the stating that she felt your and you can the newest Paladins their new members of the family, and you can the crucial thing within the you’re who they really are, perhaps not its bloodstream. Keith has expressed a desire for searching brand new market to possess his Galran members of the family just after Voltron is actually not any longer needed, appearing which he wished to remain his trip regarding mind-breakthrough and you will become familiar with their Galran root.

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