Shortly after the guy returned on castle Kuon sings your a song when he sleeps

Shortly after the guy returned on castle Kuon sings your a song when he sleeps

It’s intended one to Kuon at some point fits which have Haku yourself on top of the same spoils where she first found your.

Relationship [ ]

  • Kuon – The woman is Haku’s guardian, or so she says and so they thought one another since family relations. As of now, there’s no romantic thoughts involved ranging from the woman and Haku, but nonetheless she cares getting your. The woman is somewhat of a slave driver too since the she constantly pushes Haku be effective, which could be her own technique for making him separate and you can legitimate. After that inside Futari zero Hakuowlo they became a few.

Unique Qualities (??)

Shortly after the war from the Uzuurusha finished, She tried to cheer your on a romantic date and also have your a love page from which Haku don’t quite understand what she designed to state thereon page. At that time when Yamato declares combat on Tuskur he was somewhat worried about Kuon, The guy made an effort to inquire her when the she could help him so you can submit offers in order to Yamato armies even when often both of them didn’t agree about the conflict, but once he realizes that she isn’t inside her space following the guy seemed every where to obtain her, from which they suggestions you to Haku also cares far to possess Kuon. Haku is actually amazed to see Kuon toward others happy to depart am and you will she grins within Haku which have a happier and you will happy face. He keeps the lady team. In advance of their arrival to help you Tuskur, Haku requires this lady in the event the the woman is okay of the providing Yamato attack, she solutions your of the detailing their manage to have end the war given that she announces herself because just who will. Just after retreating away from Tuskur, Kuon mocospace provided your certain organization and questioned your from the his depression of your Emperor’s death, because the Haku will not end up in Yamato. Following the competition facing Vurai, he gets eager to meet with Kuon plus the anybody else at Ennakamuy. Unfortunately, Oshtor’s dying designed one Haku must take his destination to manage Anju by bearing their hide and you will dresses, thus faking his passing so you can Kuon’s suffering and Haku’s sadness. Since Kuon leaves Ennakamuy, Haku was about to disclose themselves to help you the lady however, their obligation due to the fact Oshtor forces your to cease. When he stay before the individuals of Ennakamuy the guy continues to have the newest metal partner you to Kuon provided him. It is pointed out that Haku really cares to possess Kuon however, its unclear when the he’s got emotions on her behalf. Yet not try hinted that he would like to getting along with her.

Within the Hide regarding Specifics, Kuon features difficult thinking to your Oshtor because the since she noticed him as the guilty of Haku’s “death” and you will she actually flew on a frustration when she (along with her label hidden) notices him playing with Tessen and saying that he wielded they so you’re able to honor a buddy. Frustrated, she began honestly conquering and would have went on so you’re able to if not getting Anju’s disturbance. Their overhearing Oshtor muttering one thing she understands just Haku would state quickly leads to her suspecting his genuine name and you may captures the lady off guard so much one she are unable to concentrate on the woman struggle with Anju. Due to such occurrences she phone calls off Tuskur’s prepared attack out of Yamato and you can production into group around this lady early in the day guise. This woman is hoping from the Oshtor’s real identity, she begins to clean out your in the same manner way she managed Haku. She actually is surprised off what they are able to of the best the war, however, alot more when attacking higher opposition including Mikazuchi and you will Entering from inside the Akuruka’s form. She is worried about him using the Akuruka as it normally feed on their life. Kuon declines you to definitely because the a justification as the and you may she will expect to own his answer.

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